Infant Settling & Relaxation with Sleep Rumbler

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SleepRumbler is a new and simple innovation in infant settling. During the first 6 months of life, babies have an amazing transition to make, from the womb to the world. At times this transition can be difficult and a little uncomfortable. Although we can cuddle our baby through their crying and restlessness, there are times when we, and they, need a break. SleepRumbler offers a solution to provide comfort to your baby and you.

Have a look at how it works…

Click here to download the extended version of the Sleep Rumbler Instructions, a guide to gently changing baby sleeping and feeding problems using the Sleep Rumbler.

SleepRumbler can be used to:


  • Comfort your baby into a relaxed state when restless
  • Aid parents in teaching babies to self settle to sleep
  • Assist your baby in getting to sleep
  • Encourage your baby to sleep for longer periods of time
  • Offer a non medicated or complimentary option for setttling when your baby’s unwell
  • Assit in calming colicky and refluxy babies
  • Give you a chance to have a cup of tea

SleepRumbler is now being used in a number of birthing and special care units, maternal child health centres and by infant settling and sleep educators. A number of these centres are also recommending the book – Magic and Mayhem of Motherhood. This beautiful handbook for new mothers, on newborn infant care and settling is available on our website. This beautiful handbook which is written by the designers of the Sleep Rumbler is available to purchase online here.

This fantastic handbook has been reviewed by specialists from the Royal Childrens Hospital, SIDS and Kids, PANDA and the beyondbabyblues team. Some of these organisations have generously contributing their own material and research, to ensure parents have access to the most upto date information on infant care and settling.

The Magic and Mayhem of Motherhood is a must read, for mothers, fathers, grandparents and primary carers of newborns.

We wish you well on your journey through the magic ahead.